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We are a leading provider of end to end Supply Chain
Procurement to Payment solutions which includes

Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Engage with suppliers effectively by keeping all the information related to suppliers on SIMPPLIFY. With integrated transactions, manage order status, deliveries, performance, compliance, etc. easily.

Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis

Provide on-line information on Shipment Receipts, Invoice processing status and payments to suppliers. This results into better cash flow at supplier end and Supplier satisfaction.

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eProcurement and eInvoicing

For effective sourcing of products and services, from requirement to order to material receipt to payment use SIMPPLIFY NETWORK. SIMPPLIFY solutions help you to effectively work with Suppliers


Contract Management

SIMPPLIFY offers required tools for you and your trading partners to collaborate. Seamlessly managing the entire process from Supplier empanelment to order to invoice processing to payment.


Request Management

"Simpplify Request Management and Procurement Services enable you to procure goods and services using secure, auditable and automated workflows that are simple to review and approve electronically. Tight integration between these two allied but separate functions allows you to bring your customers into your procurement process"


To provide the right technology solutions to the Organizations to realize their full potential by effectively managing their procurement to payment processes.

Partnership approach
End-to-end solution
Unmatched commitment to the relationship

For Supplier

Become a Supplier on SIMPPLIFY Network. Just register here and we will get in touch.

    Procurement To Payment Software services

    “SIMPPLIFY” – a complete supplier network management solution. The solution cover entire transactions with Suppliers from Budget planning to requisitions to purchase order to supplies and payment status. It also provides Auction and Reverse Auction functionality as well. The SIMPPLIFY Platform is unique in the sense it provides integration with your back-end ERP and other software applications where required to make the interaction with Supplier completely seamless. However, all transactions like Requisitions, Purchase order, PO acceptance, Supplies, Supplier invoicing, etc. can also be managed entirely or selectively on SIMPPLIFY platform also and selectively integrated with back-end system as required by Buyer. We are confident that Nippon Data will be able to contribute significantly to your efforts on systems and process improvement front.

    The application is an integrated platform for buyers and suppliers. The transactions between the two securely integrated with the backend systems at both ends. Through this platform, the buyer will be able to find suppliers beyond their own set of registered suppliers. Thus, would gain an edge with the competition on both cost as well as technology front.

    Similarly, through this platform the supplier will be able to find more buyers besides their regular customers. Thus, increasing their business multifold. SIMPPLIFY literally simplifies your Procure to Pay (P2P) process by way of bringing in efficiency within the business process in terms of saving valuable time of procurement team as well as having on-line status of all the procurement related transaction. SIMPPLIFY literally simplifies your Supply Chain Procurement to Payment (P2P) process. It brings efficiency in Procure to pay process with substantial value creation for both BUYERS and SUPPLIERS. - A leading agricultural company.

    Meet The Customers

    I think that Simpplify continues to bring innovative solutions to the user’s they continue to invest significantly in improving the procure to pay the strategic modules and really begin to take it to the next level and they do this by understanding and listening to their customers and that's one of the things that I applaud the Simpplify team – A leading Pharmaceuticals company.

    Good collaborations to develop a solutions required having deep understanding. They listen to us before making a recommendations about SCM and mechanics - A Transmission and Distribution Company.

    Spend analytics I analyzed and so it's really been a game-changer allowing our users to within few minutes to get the scope of spend that they need source cycle time increase dramatically and really it helped build credibility with our internal stakeholders - A leading agricultural company.


    As Buyer, you are not struggling with answers to following questions where you end up wasting yours and your team’s valuable man-hours:

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