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Buyer Support

As Buyer, you are not struggling with answers to following questions where you end up wasting yours and your team’s valuable man-hours:

  • Am I able to get best price?
  • Are all compliances being met?
  • My business want me to find more suppliers for this product. I do not have enough time to do the same?
  • Has the supplier received my PO?
  • Has the supplier shipped the goods against my PO?
  • Is the supplier invoice as per the terms in my Order/Contract?
  • Supplier has supplied more quantity than I needed. Oh I need to return the goods now. Where do I get the time and resources for the same?
  • Supplier invoice has wrong price and tax. I don’t have time to chase him for correct invoice?
  • Is the shipment going to happen on time?
  • When is the shipment expected to reach my premises?
  • Supplier is continuously calling me to check if I have received goods or is there any quality issue?
  • Supplier is calling me the check on Payment status?
  • I am not able to reach the Supplier, by internal buyer has questions regarding goods?
  • I want some information from Supplier but he is not reachable?
  • I gave some task to Supplier and I forgot to follow-up with him for the same?
  • Supplier Support

    As a Supplier, you know you are meeting customer expectations consistently and are becoming his preferred partner and getting more business. Because you are not finding yourself in following situations any more when you are on SIMPPLIFY.

  • My customer called-up. He has still not received my Quote against his RFQ. My colleague is saying he has already sent it yesterday.
  • My customer was trying to reach me for some information but I missed it. I may miss the business too?
  • My customer is calling and checking why I have not acknowledged his PO. I am not sure if I got his PO.
  • My customer is complaining that no-one is confirming him that shipment has been done or not as the due date has already crossed.
  • My customer called-up to informant that he has still not received our invoice whereas my colleague is telling me that it was sent last week.
  • My customer is calling and telling me that our invoice is incorrect and he needs correct invoice within 30 minutes.
  • I have been trying to reach my customer for last so many days to check if the shipment has reached him or not?
  • and many more which you know takes-up your time and resources which you should actually be spending in building opportunities and closing orders fast.