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Simmplify Supplier Mobile App

Customers are becoming more and more demanding. They are mobile and doing business on the move. They expect their suppliers to respond to them instantly and provide information on the go.

SIMPPLIFY understands this. We understand as a supplier you need to take customer orders and acknowledge no matter where you are, answer to customer queries on the go and have customer satisfaction as your prime goal. Our Supplier Mobile Apps will help you with all this and more.

    • Review The Dashboard

    Quickly check your dashboard on mobile giving summary of orders, invoices, transactions done etc.

    • Confirm New Order

    As soon as you get a PO you can view it on Mobile and also get an alert.

    • Orders & Shipment

    Review orders and their status along with shipments and invoices raised on time or not.

    • Perform Task-Assign Task

    Views Customer queries and answer them on the move. Assign tasks to team members while on the move.

    Sales & Marketting Support

  1. SIMPPLIFY will not only help you do more with your current customers but will also keep an eye for new customers for your products and services.
  2. View customer RFPs/Enquiries/Reverse Auctions and participate to increase your business.
  3. Be a preferred supplier to your customer with better response and integration with their transactions through better order management.