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For effective sourcing of products and services, from requirement to order to material receipt to payment use SIMPPLIFY NETWORK. SIMPPLIFY solutions help you to effectively work with Suppliers with total integration with your purchase or ERP systems and eliminating duplication of work and follow-up.

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Supplier E-invoice Electronics invoice capture, Approvals,Payment process

Invoice is an important document. Automation of invoice can save considerable costs as it helps in effective management of the sourcing process including:

  1. Ensure compliance by matching invoice to POs/Contracts for Qtys, taxes, etc.
  2. Provide shipment status
  3. Handle exceptions in automated fashion
  4. Speed-up invoice processing time
  5. Provide online status on invoice payment to Suppliers
  6. Improve Suppliers Cash flow

Report Recipt/Quality Issues

Customers now receive material against supplier invoices and can integrate their internal process of material receipt with SIMPPLIFY or use SIMPPLIFY transactions for material receipt, quality control, rejections, etc.

Suppliers now have real-time information on their Shipment Receipt, quality checks, etc.

Job Worker

As a Buyer when you deal with Job-workers you need to know what your material stock positions are at job-workers end. With SIMPPLIFY you have automatic real-time status of your stocks lying at job worker as SIMPPLIFY integrated the BOM with your material supplied and received transactions thus ensuring transparency of stock positions between you and your job workers.